Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry


A selection of photographs of cowboys, cowgirls and gunfighters




"Curly Bill" (1990)
Also known as John Hendry, a stalwart of the club, who used to cue up some classic Nashville tracks during the breaks.
Photo courtesy of the Scotsman newspaper.

Trigger Happy (1990)
L-R: Texas Star, Pat Garret, Silver Dawn, The Donegal Kid,
Texas Belle and the Silver Kid



Quick on the Draw (1990)
Silver Dawn (Mary Dewar) in the shoot-out competition



Gun Marshalls (1990)
Silver Kid and Pat Garret at the American Trilogy


Glasgow Gunslingers (1989)
L-R: The Traveller, Curly Bill, The Bounty Hunter, Country Joe and Cheyenne



"Zeb Kane"
A more recent photo from the shoot-out (2008)




Also known as Hugh Price when not at the Opry




Kid Curry

Also know as John McGhee - year unknown





Gunfighters 16th January 2010
Back Row L-R: Jesse James, General Lee, Nick Wray, Linedancer, Daisy Duke, Durango, Zeb Kane, Guest, Niterider,
Front L-R: Sundance Kid, Big D, Shalico, Gunslinger, John Wayne



"The Red Headed Stranger" and "Tequila Sheila"
Norrie and Mary Morris when they weren't at the Opry - year unknown




Glasgow and the Wild West
A section of the Grand Ole Opry display in the
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum



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