Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry


A selection of photographs of some of our members, visitors and guests past and present



The Dons
Sheena and Malcolm with Margaret Brown


At the Bar
Flo Gibbs and founder member Alex Fleming in the early days



Silver Wedding
Sheena and Malcom Don with former MC Benny Duffy


Indian Squaw
Edna Woods in Native American splendour



Isobel and Tommy
c 1980s


At reception c1980s
L-R: Tommy Byrne, Terence McBride, Jim Quigley and Linda Tompkins


Flo and friends
An early pic of Flo Gibbs (on the left) with friends

The Yankie and Confederate Soldier
Also known as "Rusty" and "Belle Starr"

Opry Regulars
Big D and Fionna - Hogmanay 2007




More Opry Regulars
Mary, Sandra and Eleanor - June 2008




Girl's Night Out

Why not have yours at the Opry?





May 2006
Some more visitors to the club


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